Native apps vs. Progressive Web apps

Introduction –

Web applications are incredible platforms to reach a broad spectrum of users. It is because of their ubiquity across diverse operating systems and devices. Every developer vouches to leverage the benefits of web apps catering to all the features with efficiency. Web applications are incredible platforms to reach a broad spectrum of users. But there are situations where native applications become more beneficial than other application types. In this chapter, you will learn about the concept of native applications and progressive web apps and how they differ from each other.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are an approach to developing web applications that give traditional web apps the look and feel of native apps. With a progressive web app, developers can improve the legacy web application with all the ingredients and features of the mobile app. It increases usability and extends a great user experience (UX). These apps give the experience and feel like a native app.

What are Native applications?

Native applications are applications built with distinct software and are coded in a special programming language. This enables the app to operate optimally on an OS while leveraging all system tools, dependencies, and/or frameworks. Building native apps for any specific hardware allows the firm or the developer to integrate unique capabilities into the app along with the hardware. It means native apps are usually developed keeping in mind the platform or OS on which they will run. For example, a native app gets coded in Java (for Android) or Objective C (for iOS). Users can download these apps from the app store or Google Play store.

Advantages of Native apps over Progressive Web apps

There are various advantages of native apps and that is the reason why companies prefer them over other forms of applications.

· Native apps can be loaded with unique features to leverage all the different hardware components of a device.

· Native apps can even work without the internet.

· Native apps can access system or hardware and their associated resources such as Bluetooth, microphone, GPS, or camera.

· Native apps can perform operations faster than progressive web apps.

· Native apps render more safety & security than progressive web apps.

· Native applications when uploaded to the app stores went through rigorous code checks and application functionality checks to prevent users from malicious apps.

· Native apps are more straightforward to develop as there are various available developer tools, interface elements, APIs, and SDKs available.

Difference between progressive web apps and native apps –

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